Mosaic’s wager: If Christian scripture leads its readers towards an understanding that God aligns with, cares for, and is amongst the marginalized and the oppressed… then would not an active voice of God, if such a voice utters words, perhaps be found in their midst?

Haunted by this question and in a direct divergence from the prevailing social norms, our faith community began by asking subsquent questions: What would it look like to listen to those voices not often heard? What would it mean to place those who are marginalized by society as central to the church? What would it look like to give them room to speak?

Therefore: Our mission at Mosaic is to be a compassionate Christian community of inclusive diversity where everyone knows they belong and has opportunity to serve. Our wider vision is to give a voice to the voiceless, one the church needs to hear. We want to contribute to the transformation of people and how they think about diversity, equality, justice and service.

Who are we, to aspire to this goal? Just a small, rag-tag group of people seeking to be honest about our brokenness and addictions, our hopes and fears, our faith and doubts. We believe that when we come together in an authentic and vulnerable way, the vulnerable Jesus - man of sorrows and the light of the world - meets us as he truly is.

Mosaic would like to acknowledge the traditional territories of the Four Nations in the Greater Vancouver Area: Musqueam NationSquamish NationTsawwassen Nation and the Tsleil-Waututh Nation.

Mosaic is:

  • a small faith community of belonging and difference. We believe that it is our brokenness, rather than our perfection, that participates in the formation of beauty in our midst, as enabled by the perseverance of the Creator.
  • embodied community amongst those who have experienced multiple traumas, institutional failings, and ostracization resulting from social norms.
  • tangible follow-up to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada in long-term and palpable ways; deepening interpersonal relationships and creating space for dialogue between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.
  • on-the-ground emotional and spiritual response to the opioid and housing crises decimating our community, our neighbourhood, and our city.
  • not for everyone. Everyone is welcome and has the opportunity to find a place of belonging, but not everyone is ready for the risk and challenge that belonging entails.

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What is our Mission?

To be a compassionate Christian community of inclusive diversity where everyone knows they belong and has opportunity to serve.

What is our Vision? 

To become a voice the church knows it needs, leading a groundswell that changes how people think about diversity, equality, transformation, justice and service.

What are our Values?

Mosaic is committed to:

  1. Being a sacred space of spiritual vibrancy, worship, prayer and transformative teaching.
  2. Releasing the creative potential in everyone.
  3. Addressing the holistic well being of the community through meals, advocacy and authentic relationships.
  4. Living and working against all kinds of injustice.
  5. Establishing partnerships with individuals and communities who embrace the reality of Mosaic and are open to mutual transformation.
  6. Disciplined financial stewardship.