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June 15th was Mosaic's annual mini-revolution. It was a revolution of gift, relation, and inclusion. It was beautiful.

For last months 'Welfare Wednesday' movie night we watched "V for Vendetta," and I think a few quotes from it help set our National Aboriginal Day celebration in a revolutionary context. 

"Valerie: I remember how the meaning of words began to change. How unfamiliar words like "collateral" and "rendition" became frightening, while things like Norsefire and the Articles of Allegiance became powerful. I remember how "different" became dangerous. I still don't understand it, why they hate us so much."
"V: Would you... dance with me?
Evey Hammond: Now? On the eve of your revolution?
V: A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having!"

And so we danced, we celebrated culture, and we met people we would not normally encounter.

Yet there is a past. We are a people marked and scarred by the past. We have been the oppressors and the oppressed. Instead of ignoring this history, however, we acknowledge it, feel it, and move through it. It is this movement through our division that unites us in the revolution of love. 

And so we danced. We were welcomed to the land, and in turn we welcomed each other into our lives over the table. The table and the food joined us together. In the same way Jesus welcomes us to his table, we attempt to welcome each other to our tables. 

From here we continue to move forward. We continue to chart a new future together. A future that honours and affirms different traditions, skills, and cultures. A future that leaves fear and animosity behind to walk together in hope and unity.

It is in this vision of a revolution of Love that Mosaic attempts to participate and welcome others. We were incredibly encouraged by the sheer number of people who decided to join us in this revolution by participating in National Aboriginal Day celebration. Not only was the number large, the engagement was also deep. In that depth of experience we continue to invite people to dance with us into a brighter future. 

- Silas