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We're extremely excited to launch our new website today! Updating our online presence has been a task long overdue and we're grateful to Matt Morrison of ChurchOS for his awesome job in helping us craft it. A huge thanks also to the Canadian Pacific District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance for generously supporting our communication budget and making such a great site possible.

We hope that you can really see our heart here, as much as that's possible in cyberspace! We also hope that you share our site with others, by word of mouth (remember: and/or by "liking" our Facebook page (see the handy link at the top)!

We welcome your feedback. Please let us know if you have any difficulties navigating the site or getting your questions about Mosaic answered. We hope you see our commitment to open, accessible communication with and information about us. 

Come back often! We plan to update the blog weekly and will post it on our Facebook feed if you'd prefer to keep track of us there. Meanwhile, look around, learn, enjoy!