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Each year we run on a shoestring budget, but sometimes that string begins to fray. This past year a number of long-term faithful donors decided to reallocate their money to social justice initiatives within their own neighbourhoods. It was great to see them grow in their passion for developing social justice within their own context. However, this has meant we are feeling a little thinner than normal.


Find our fundraising page with new video HERE.

To give you a sense of our neighbourhood, in 2006 the median household income was $13,691, compared with roughly $48,000 for Vancouver as a whole.

We love sharing what is going on in our community, and we would love to come tell you about it. Let us share what we have—which is a wealth of life experience living in a context of marginalization, seeing God work in people here, and offering our perspective on the kingdom of God and the heart of Christ—with you.

1) Help us raise $10,000 by the end of 2016 to ensure 2017 is a year of flourishing in our community.
2) Become one of our partners by supporting us through monthly giving.
3) Pray for us and/or come visit us and support us through your presence.

What your money goes toward:
$500 – Benevolence to help members overcome a unique financial hurdle. Past examples are buying steel toe work boots, a damage deposit, expenses involved when moving, and a train ticket to a daughter’s graduation from medical school.
$1000 – Staff time to visits to those in hospital and accompanying members to medical appointments.
$1500 – Soup on Sundays. Increasing the regularity of serving soup so that those from the neighbourhood do not have to choose between standing in a food line and attending Mosaic’s service
$2000 – Put toward hosting a celebration for National Aboriginal Day. See a video of one of our past event’s here:
$5000 – Organizational costs – Staffing, rent, and administration costs for our Sunday gatherings.