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Mosaic feels a special kinship with the Lazarus Community Society, as we were both birthed out of Tenth Avenue Church around the same time and with very similar visions to lift up people on the margins.

We are excited about the ongoing presence of The Daniel House, a community home run by Lazarus for men who have taken steps to recover from alcohol or drug addiction. God has been faithful in providing for and blessing this warm place of community and hope for some of Vancouver's countless people in recovery and in need of affordable, dignified housing.

Having a decent home is one of the most important factors for healthy living. For those struggling with addictions, particularly those who are marginalized, a supportive home environment can make the difference between life and death. It was for this reason that Lazarus was named. When people are given the chance to live in a safe, nurturing, and structured environment, they will be far more able to live healthy, fulfilled lives. Some people need a safe place to transition from a destructive lifestyle, while others need a longer term, family-type setting in order to remain healthy.

We are very proud of one of the youngest residents at The Daniel House some years back, whom we'll call Brad. He got a job as a plumber's apprentice through a friend of Daniel House. He eventually attended an Alpha Course and was baptized at Tenth Avenue Church, where he helped out at its Out of the Cold ministry. Brad now lives in Surrey and is married with two children.

For the Daniel House residents to thrive, partners are needed to pray for and give toward the daily running of the house, one we believe provides an essential service. For many past and present residents there, it really has meant the difference between life and death.

Please contact Don, chair of the Lazarus Community Society, for more information on the Daniel House.