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At last week's Creative World Festival in Mission, an Australian poet named Joel McKerrow read us several of his inspiring poems. As a result, I (Alex Cole, Pastoral Intern) was challenged to start writing poetry again.

In a recent sermon, Don shared how the prophets, in times of desperation, wrote poetry: poetry now found in the Bible to express God's heart and call for people to change. In writing poetry, I am that change - expressing my feelings and their longing that things be different. . . I want to share a poem I wrote inspired by a bible study at the Out of the Cold program at Tenth Avenue Church, which provides meals and shelter to people living on the street. The study was on Romans 8:18-21 ("the creation is groaning in frustration") and involves issues raised by the people around me that night.

What if?

What if

All nature pounds 

under the incessant 

pressure of a 


dum dum

dum dum

What if all is alive?  

And these crushed 

spiders will accuse me 

at the last?

What if rocks will 

heave beneath our feet 

like some gigantic 


and cover us

smother us, 

rain down 

punishment on us

screaming "Why 

did we have 

to suffer passively 

all your stupidity?

Why place these 

molecules of grit 

and spit and bone in 

the place of higher life?

Why give them all 

the power,

when they can't even turn 

a light off?"

The very rocks cry 

out against us.

Oh my soul.

Oh my soul.

Oh my soul.

Let us get back 

the innocence of a 

child's face created 

by God in good 

conscience unadulterated 

by frustration.

Let us get back 

glory, freedom, innocence,