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Friends of Mosaic

Would you consider helping Mosaic in a really simple way? It’s like a barn raising, but way easier, and a lot less sweaty.
Thursday, January 23, 2014
1. SHARE Mosaic’s fundraising event on your Facebook timeline
2. ASK friends to LIKE the event. 
3. DONE.
Even if you live far away and can’t make it, share, like, tweet, discuss, link to your heart’s desire, it’d really help us out. Honestly, this is as sophisticated a marketing strategy as we can muster. We’re short on a lot of things, including cash, but we’re rich in friends. So, we’re cashing the friend cheque.
How Live Generously In A Fearful World is a panel discussion about the difficulties and joys of sticking it out for generosity and abundance in a world that is about scarcity and fear.
Panel members: Mark VanSteenwyk / Carrie McLeod / Andy Harrington / Phoenix Winter  
Let’s set the interwebs abuzz, on Thursday
January 23 is SHARE and LIKE day.