We believe in a negotiated approach to people and discipleship, which we believe Jesus showed us on earth. We seek to meet people where they are - emotionally, spiritually, physically. We seek to live out our relationships with God - provisional, incomplete and evolving - in a way that reveals our common struggles and joys.

We seek to be Jesus-centered in our community events, worship, teaching and communion, trusting that their ongoing, cumulative witness will draw others into a deeper understanding of and relationship with Christ. We believe that when people become more deeply aware of their "God-fullness" - God at work in us - they further yield to his life-changing power and, day by day, become like Christ-like.

Therefore, aware of our histories, our failings, and our context, Mosaic continues to develop an  approach for the long road ahead:
  • We attend to issues of power, privilege, and histories of colonialization.
  • We attempt (and often fail) to think through a decolonial perspective, one that is suspicious of the assumed goodness of the “As is” structuring of our world.
  • We try to read scripture in a way that exposes our own tendencies that drift toward exclusion, and instead we read and meditate on the text as a way of being guided toward the inclusive loving embrace of our creator.
  • We are suspicious of triumphalistic theologies that prop-up and support social and structural hierarchies, because we see that these hierarchies most often lead to further exclusion, oppression, and harm of those already marginalized in society. 

Basically, we try to Live as if Everybody Mattered